Tpi 194, Electronic Multimeter

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TPI Data Logging Electronic Industrial Multimeter 194 600 AC V Includes A190 Protective Boot A085 UL Listed Silicone Test Lead Set with Alligator Clips (Screw On) A104 0.5 Amp/600V UL Ceramic Fuse for 100 series DMMs (2 each) A110 10 Amp/600V UL Ceramic Fuse for 100 series DMMs (2 each) Battery Instruction Manual CAT IV 600 ACV, data logging, 0.05% accuracy, 50,000 count, True RMS DMM with separate fuse and battery compartment

AC/DC volts, AC/DC amps, resistance, audible continuity, diode test, frequency, capacitance, and temperature

Category IV Equipment and lines located on the power line side of a service panel or where a low voltage connection is made to utility power Features Data logging 50, 000 count display 0.05 DCV basic accuracy Inductance, Frequency and Capacitance 0 to 750 ACV max resolution 100uV 0 to 1, 000 DCV max resolution 0.001mV 0 to 50M 937 max resolution 0.01 937 Audible continuity AC/DC amps up to10 amps resolution 0.01 uA Analog bar graph cULus 61010-1 CATIII-1000VC, CATIII-1000V, CAT IV-600V, CAT III 1000V True RMS DMM Time Stamp Logging Pulse

Plus db, inductance, conductance, duty cycle, pulse width and time stamp logging

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