Zoya Natural Nail Polish - Green

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What is this product? Have you ever tried green nail polish? Don't be shy! The right shade of green can make all the difference! Zoya has the perfect green nail polish for you! Zoya green nail polish comes in frosts, glitters, creams, mattes and mettalic finishes! They are warm and neutral tones to perfectly compliment your skin tone, outfits and accessories

Always use a base coat.

Seal The Deal! Using a polish drying accelerator drops like Zoya HurryUp will cut your drying time in half, as well as seal your base coat, nail polish and top coat together for a stronger more flexible Product Options Available are as follows Color Mitzi - ZP559 Color Tangy - ZP406 Color Suvi - ZP417 Color Suvi - ZP417 Color Irene - ZP426 Color Midori - ZP482 Color Envy - ZP490 Color Shawn - ZP524 Color Gemma - ZP544 Color

Use a top coat! Top coats protect your nail color from external chips and dents and give it a high gloss finish

Base coat's protect the nail from staining as well a providing a flexible high adhesion surface for nail polish

Having residue or excess oils on your nail plate can significantly reduce nail polish wear

If you are looking for the perfect shade of green nail polish, Zoya has the perfect color every time! More info Always start with a clean nail

Try Zoya Armor which uses same polyurethane technology that protects the space shuttle

Use Zoya Remove to remove old nail polish, clean the nail plate and condition the nail

Zoya Anchor is best for regular nails, while Zoya GetEven is ideal if you have ridges

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